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About Our Program

MYSA provides recreational and competitive soccer to the Robinson, Kennedy and Ingram communities. Our in-house program provides recreational soccer for children four years old through thirteen. These games are played on Saturday mornings during the spring and fall. MYSA also provides competitive soccer through our travel teams that play on Sunday afternoon during the spring and fall. Travel teams are for the more committed soccer players. The youngest age group is the U6 players. This age group takes in payers who are in the U5 and U6 age bracket. The minimum age group as required by PAWest is a U5 player. Click on this link for the current season birth year chart to see what age group your player is in.

Montour Youth Soccer Association, PA West Soccer, and The US Soccer Federation cannot and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct by players, coaches or spectators. Player conduct will be policed by the referees in accordance with the rules of soccer and should also be enforced by their coaches. Inappropriate behavior, including verbal abuse, by any coach or spectator at any time can lead to that person being asked to leave the facility and, if the behavior continues, can lead to that person being barred from attending future events. If necessary, the police can be involved in enforcing the ejection and ban.